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Stone-Baked Pitas

Stone-Baked Pitas / Shawarma / Kabobs / Falafel / Salads / Burgers


One of the best tastes from the Mediterranean is fresh bread baked in a stone oven. To make it even better, people of the Mediterranean would put traditional toppings on the flatbread and bake it all together. Mmm... At PitaBake, we make traditional Flatbreads (Pitas) in our massive 6,300 pound STONE BAKE OVEN. The taste of stone-baked is unrivaled. To add a twist to traditional toppings on Flatbread Pitas, PitaBake has taken flavours from around the world and baked them on our Flatbread Pitas. 

In addition to Stone-Baked Flatbread Pitas, PitaBake also serves other traditional Mediterranean favourites like Kabobs, Falafel, Salads (Tabouli, Fatouche), Fatayer (Mini Stuffed Pitas) and Shawarma. We even serve Mediterranean Donair and Burgers. 

Some favourites

Pitas, Stone Bake, Meat, Zaatar, Cheese, Buffalo, Tandoori, Donair, Halal, Lebanese, Restaurant

Stone-Baked Pitas

Starts with high quality flour & ingredients - our dough is made to perfection, allowed to rise to the perfect softness and then spread to a thin Flatbread.  Choose from White or 7 Grain.  Diverse assortment of freshly made Stone-Baked Flatbread Pitas – over 20 to choose from. Try authentic Mediterranean Flatbreads (Meat Pie, Zaatar, Spinach or Akawi Cheese) or decadent fusion Flatbread Pitas like our popular Buffalo Chicken, Tandoori, Jamaican Jerk, Philly Cheese Steak, Mexican or the Greek. Our Stone-Baked Flatbread Pitas are made fresh every time in front of your eyes in our massive 6,300 pound stone oven.

Kabobs, Kebabs, Kabab, Hummous, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Kafta, Garlic Sauce, Halal, Lebanese

Kabobs - Fresh From the Grill

Do you love meat?   

Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Mediterranean Sausage (Soujouk) and Kafta. All cooked over searing 1600 degrees hot flames. Juicy, seasoned, and dripping in flavour. Be sure to check out the special chicken kabob flavours, including Buffalo, Tandoori, Teriyaki & Jamaican! 

Shawarma,Chicken,Beef, Platter, Sandwich

Shawarma & Donair

 Our Chicken and Beef Shawarma are carefully marinated with authentic flavours and slowly cooked on a traditional Mediterranean vertical rotisserie for hours.  Our world famous Chicken Shawarma, has received rave reviews from people across the country and beyond (seriously).   Juicy, moist and dripping with flavour.  Choose to have yours as a platter – served with flavourful rice, fries, fresh baked bread, traditional Mediterranean salad (Fatouche) and our famous homemade garlic sauce – or as a wrap inside a soft pita bread! Or opt for our mouth-watering Donair. Deliciously spiced meat, fresh veggies, and sauce, all wrapped inside a soft Pita bread or baked in our Stone Oven.  

Falafel, Healthy, Anti-Oxidant, Halal, Lebanese, Restaurant, Bakery, Vegetable, Vegan, Veggie


Looking for a wholesome vegetarian option? Authentic chickpea (garbanzo bean) patties served with pita bread, a variety of vegetables, and a tahini sauce. Packed with nutrition and loaded with flavour, the traditional Falafel option is sure to excite your palate. Get your daily dose of protein, anti-oxidants, and fibre. The perfect union of nourishment and decadence.  

Fatayer, Mini Pitas, Sfeha, Lebanese, Restaurant, Bakery, Vegetable, Vegan, Veggie, Beef, Akawi

Fatayer - Stuffed Pita Pies

  Grab and go. Traditional Mediterranean bread pockets stuffed with delicious fillings. They come in various shapes signifying the filling, including beef, chicken, cheese, spinach & feta and more. Sit around the table or in the park. Fatayer (Faa-tai-yer) are the perfect party food. Easy to pick up, these mini pita pies, packed with delicious ingredients, are perfect for parties, picnics and easy lunches.  

Falafel, Healthy, Anti-Oxidant, Halal, Lebanese, Restaurant, Bakery, Vegetable, Vegan, Veggie

Mediterranean Salads

 The Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the healthiest diets. Nothing represents this better than our salads. Our Tabouli and Fatouche salads are freshly chopped, packed with nutritional vegetables and dressing made of flavourful herbs, lemon and olive oil.

These salads are perfect for a healthy and balanced meal.  If you think salads are dull, try this: iwe will change your mind. 


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